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Staff Writer says his goodbyes to St. Bonaventure

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In June of 2016, I visited St. Bonaventure for the first time. Initially, I believed that this school would be a perfect fit for me. Driven by my passion to become a successful journalist, I took my chances and threw everything I had towards this place. Little did I know that nearly two years later, I would be writing this article saying goodbye to a place I once thought I would thrive in. 

With that, I am happy to announce that I will be leaving St. Bonaventure to attend Fordham University where I will continue to chase my goal of becoming a great journalist.

My decision to leave was something I had been mulling for almost the whole school year. Initially, I thought that leaving my life at home for any given period would come with challenges, but I would get past them. However, with every trip back to school following a break, I became upset with not only the fact that I would be leaving my friends and family, who I share a close bond with, but leaving all the opportunity that came with living in one of the greatest cities in the world. During the bus rides, I would see tall buildings and bright lights turn into farmland and nothing more, and I realized that this is not what I wanted out of a college experience, contrary to my original belief. 

Along with that, I never felt comfortable here. In high school, I made friends relatively quickly and, as the days went on, my first friends became the best friends I’m still in touch with to this day. While I made three great friends here, I still walked around with a feeling of judgment. I truly did not fit in. My beliefs and views seemingly did not jive with the other students that go here. During my time here at Bona’s, there were many instances in which these differences became prevalent. The situations that occurred over time made me lose my sense of individuality; losing that made my decision to transfer much easier. 

Despite my bad experiences here, I have some people to thank. Chris Scheppner, the admissions counselor who recruited me, has become a family friend. His advice and overall kindness has not gone unnoticed and has been greatly appreciated. I also want to thank Dr. Pitt of the History Department. In my time in his classes over the last two semesters, Dr. Pitt has taken me out of my comfort zone, reinvigorating my love for history. Also, I have to thank the editors at the BV including Tyler Grudi, Andrew Hayn, Liam McGurl, and Christina Root. All of them have helped me lay a foundation upon which I can build a successful career. Last but not least, I want to thank my parents. This has been a stressful year for myself and my family for a lot of reasons. Despite that, they have remained patient and continued to show their love and support in all the decisions I make including my decision to transfer back home.

I am confident in myself and my abilities. I believe, no matter where I go, I can and will be successful. For me, to go back to a place where I have built a life and attend a reputable school in an attempt to accomplish my dreams is something I cannot pass up. A part of me is upset that my time here at St. Bonaventure didn’t work out, but overall, I am beyond excited and thrilled for the adventure that lies ahead at my new school.

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